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Martha from the Women’s Centre – IWD Spotlight

We invited some special guests for afternoon tea at the M&S Cafe at Glasgow Fort, to say thank you for their amazing hard work and dedication to their community, in honour of International Women’s Day 2019. Guests included Maureen Burke (Labour Councillor), Maureen Ferrie (Director of GESH charity), representatives from the Women’s Centre,  Karen Ciantar from Barnardos, Allison (Manager of M&) and Lorna (Manager of Boots). You can read more about Martha from the Women’s Centre and her acheivements below…

Martha from the Women’s Centre 

What does your role at the Women’s Centre involve?

My role is Vice Chair of the Volunteer Management committee. I stand in for the Chairperson at meetings and I also help with agendas, arrange course work and set up user members meetings.

What motivates you?

What motivates me is seeing the end result.

How do you motivate others?

Motivating others using patience, praise and leadership.

Who are the inspirational women in your life?
Firstly my mother because she was a strong but fair woman. I also have to say my two sidekicks on the committee, Julia and Jean. Both have life skills that anyone would do well to learn from.

Tell us about your community involvement…
Since fundraising is a big part of our survival as a company, projects are always ongoing. Our big project at the moment is the 30-year anniversary – a celebration for women who have used the centre in the past and at present.

What projects are available to women at the Women’s Centre?
The project gives women a safe environment to talk. Here, there is always someone to listen (no matter how small you may think your problem might be) and if we can’t help, we will find out who can. Also, a bit of pampering is available, like facials and therapeutic massages to name a few!

How has the Women’s Centre positively impacted the women in the community?

The Centre is 30-year-olds this November. It started with volunteers and we continue to run because of the personal time volunteers give up – because they believe in the principal of the centre. You can read more about the Women’s Centre by clicking this link. 


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