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Lush | Bridgerton Collection

A debut of products to compliment the most enticing release of the summer entertainment calendar: none other than Netflix and Shondaland’s third installment of “Bridgerton” which premieres on May 16th (Part 1) and June 13th (Part 2). The limited-edition, six-piece range will be available from  May 9th at Lush stores while supplies last.

Lush | Bridgerton Perfume, £35

 Lush | Bridgerton Collection

A bridal bouquet’s worth of sweet blooms and herbaceous sprigs to leave you feeling romantic. Created by our Perfumer, Emma Vincent, for her own nuptials, this beautiful fragrance boasts a blend of heady and romantic florals, along with a tea garden’s worth of mint, sage and rosemary. The result makes you feel like you’re waltzing through a meadow on your way to the chapel.

Two Families Bath Bomb, £5

 Lush | Bridgerton Collection

The beautiful union of two complementary fragrances fizzing with desire, sandwiched together with cocoa butter to soften and soothe

See And Be Seen Rose-Scented Body Wash, £18

 Lush | Bridgerton Collection

This sweet and silky lemon-rose wash will have you smelling decadent and ready to step into your spotlight. Gather a handful, inhale the citrus-floral aroma, and lather onto wet skin before rinsing away.

Bee Solid Body Balm, £10

 Lush | Bridgerton Collection

Buzz with delight as you glide this custard-scented balm anywhere your skin cries out for hydration. A decadent blend of the finest butters and essential oils, including Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, organic illipe butter, and Fair Trade organic mango butter.

Creme Anglaise Body Lotion, £14 

 Lush | Bridgerton Collection

A sumptuous banquet of delights including sweet vanilla, creamy cocoa butter, and a fresh green note of meadowsweet. Adorn yourself with the most luxurious lotion we’ve ever created.

Colour, Clarity, Carat, Cut Bath Bomb, £7 

 Lush | Bridgerton Collection

Fill the bath and drop in this seasonal jewel, then watch it dance across the water with brilliant color, breathtaking sparkle, and an uplifting citrus scent. Made with citrus to arouse the mind and sweet benzoin resinoid to delight the senses.

Get your hands on the limited collection while you can by visiting the centre.

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