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Your Wellbeing

It has never been as important as it is right now to look after and prioritise your own wellbeing.  It’s been a tough year. 

We’ve put together some top wellbeing recommendations, articles, tips and advice for you as we continue to Stay At Home, but prepare to emerge into Spring and the lifting of restrictions.

Stay Well x 

Your Wellbeing – Top Picks & Inspiration For Spring 

Those Pesky Masks We Need But Which Play Havoc With Our Skin – from Boots


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Dealing With Lockdown Low Mood – from Boots

It’s never been more important to take some time to be aware of our own mental health.  Many of our retail partners have some wonderful initiatives and advice.  During this particularly challenging time we really wanted to share this advice from Boots on how to think about and manage low mood.


Guided Meditations – from Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett offer a wonderful YouTube video library full of great guides on home health & wellbeing.  We particularly like this guide on how to keep your mind calm using meditation techniques.   

Find the full library at Holland & Barrett’s dedicated YouTube channel.


Working From Home?  How To Make Time For Movement  – from Fat Face



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How To Cope With Worried Children – from Superdrug

A very useful resource for parents, if you have children struggling with worries of their own in the current climate. Children’s Emotional Well-being Coach, @jennihoneyben created this video designed to be shown to children with a tip for helping them deal with the emotions they may be feeling. 



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Deep Breaths – from Boots 

We also love these checklists from our Boots store.  Maybe you have a favourite wellbeing step that you would add to make this checklist perfect for you.


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