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Hobbycraft | Make, do, and mend workshop

Hundreds of Brits join make, do, and mend workshop as people look for ways to save money and upcycle clothes.

“Make do and mend” was a philosophy practised under rationing restrictions during the second World War, however there’s only a handful of people who know the simple make, do and mend skills.

With the ongoing fight against fast fashion, Hobbycraft is here to help revive, repair, and reimagine your wardrobe, and help you to learn simple make, do, and mend skills with its new Beginner’s Guide to Visible Clothes Mending workshop, priced at £28. A craft kit is included in the price and consists of an embroidery hoop, 4 x stranded threads, 5 x fat quarters, a template and 16 x embroidery/crewel needles. Led by an expert Hobbycraft Artisan, this workshop will introduce six stitches: the porthole stitch, the lazy daisy stitch, a French knot, the star stitch, the eyelet stitch and the porthole mending stitch.

Years ago, we would all design and make clothes, as well as embroider hats, knit blankets and scarves. Today, with the ever-changing fashion industry and new trends which arise, we are all quick to jump online to order the next best fashion item. However, you can make old clothing feel new again with the help of a few patches, personalised embroidery, or a fun tie-dye kit, or make something completely from scratch, using the right tools.

Example of embroidery stitches

The techniques demonstrated in the workshop are designed to inspire more creative clothes mending projects. For example, if you’ve got a hole in your jeans, why not create a visible decorative feature of it? You can turn the hole into the centre of a flower or simply add a colourful border. Once each one has been mastered, you’ll be able to transform your personal style by turning garment repairs into an excuse to create a decorative feature!

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have had the opportunity to practice each of the stitch types on your embroidery hoop and you’ll be ready to transfer those skills to mend your clothes in style. All you need is a little bit of prep, a few helpful tips, some patience, and the right materials.

Example of embroidery stitches on denim dungarees

Katherine Paterson, the Customer Director at Hobbycraft says “For years, we have been on a mission to upskill the nation on ‘make, do and mend’ skills. Many of us have memories of our parents and grandparents settling down on the sofa to hem a broken skirt or darn a fraying jumper, so why shouldn’t we learn how to do this too? The introduction of our Beginner’s Guide to Visible Clothes Mending workshop is a great way for people to learn simple techniques that will allow them to use on any holes in the fabric for eye-catching, embroidered customisation.”

Hobbycraft has had some fantastic customer reviews to date:

Mary • Apr 2023

“This is a brilliant workshop. The very knowledgeable tutor taught me five stitches in a clear manner, and I was able to replicate them easily. I was fascinated by the bolt stitch she showed me. An excellent lesson. Had lots of fun!”

Gillian • Apr 2023

“Thoroughly enjoyed the embroidery mending course. The tutor, Rachel, gave really clear explanations and I was very surprised at how much I learned in just an hour! Thank you!”

For further information and to book Beginner’s Guide to Visible Clothes Mending | Online class & kit | Gifts | ClassBento


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