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Lorna Raeis-Hosseini – IWD Spotlight

We invited some special guests to Glasgow Fort for afternoon tea at the M&S Café to say thank you for their amazing hard work and dedication to their community for International Women’s Day 2019. Guests will include Maureen Burke (Labour Councillor), Maureen Ferrie (Director of GESH charity), representatives from the Women’s Centre,  Karen Ciantar from Barnardos, Allison, Manager of M&S and Lorna, Manager of Boots. You can read more about Lorna’s achievements below…

Lorna Raeis-Hosseini, Manager of Boots

What does your job involve?

Leading a team of 100+ in delivering the “look good feel good” mentality within Community, Healthcare and Beauty sections by developing Pharmacy professionals and Beauty experts ensuring patients and customers receive the care and advice to positively impact their lifes.

What motivates you?

Delivering results through my team and empowering them to become tomorrows leaders.

How do you motivate others?

Leading by example, availability and approachability whilst building trust and support.

Who are the inspirational women in your life?

Maya Angelou and my family members.

Tell us about your community involvement 

We deliver community healthcare daily and reach out to local charities to offer support and advice while supporting our Corporate Charity Macmillan.

Would you like to add other notes?

The support of the Fort Management Team is critical to releasing me to focus on the above as everyday issues are addressed in a timely manner thereby allowing 100% focus on the above.


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