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Monterey Jacks

We love a Friday as much as the next guy, but at Monterey Jack’s we know how to indulge our guests every day of the week…

They come for the stunning selection of mouth-watering twists on everyone’s favourite North American classics. And because we are committed equal opportunity feeders, we offer nearly 20 different vegan burgers and puddings that can be free of everything but flavour.

They also come for the irresistible MJ’s cocktail menu that’s the talk of every town we’re in. For some it’s our thick shakes, sharp shooters and sweet sundaes. For others it’s the perfect simplicity of hot pizza and cold beer every time.

Aside from all of that, do you know why they keep coming back? Because the culture of Monterey jacks never allows us to forget that this is all about them. It’s their time, and whether it’s to unwind after work, go BIG for a best friend’s birthday or sit around a packed table with all the family, they know their local Monterey Jacks team won’t let them down.

We have eight restaurants serving more than a million guests every year and we’re on track to open a whole lot more. Monterey Jacks is so much more than the sign above the door – it’s a well-oiled, guest dazzling, hospitality express train perfected over many years and successfully replicated time and time again in carefully chosen locations

Address Glasgow Fort Shopping Park
G34 9DL

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